Slovenian women

slovenian women

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In , the suicide rate in Slovenia was 22 per , persons per year, which places Slovenia among the highest ranked European countries in this regard.

The differences between regions and the genders are pronounced. According to this definition statistical regions are classified:. The only large town is the capital, Ljubljana.

Other medium-sized towns include Maribor, Celje, and Kranj. The official language in Slovenia is Slovene , which is a member of the South Slavic language group.

Slovene is a highly diverse Slavic language in terms of dialects , [] with different degrees of mutual intelligibility.

Accounts of the number of dialects range from as few as seven [] [] [] dialects, often considered dialect groups or dialect bases that are further subdivided into as many as 50 dialects.

Hungarian and Italian , spoken by the respective minorities, enjoy the status of official languages in the ethnically mixed regions along the Hungarian and Italian borders, to the extent that even the passports issued in those areas are bilingual.

In around 0. Hungarian is co-official with Slovene in 30 settlements in 5 municipalities whereof 3 are officially bilingual.

Italian is co-official with Slovene in 25 settlements in 4 municipalities all of them officially bilingual. Romani , [] spoken in as the native language by 0.

Romani-speakers mainly belong to the geographically dispersed and marginalized Roma community. A significant number of people in Slovenia speak a variant of Serbo-Croatian Serbian , Croatian , Bosnian , or Montenegrin as their native language.

These are mostly immigrants who moved to Slovenia from other former Yugoslav republics from the s to the late s, and their descendants.

Regarding the knowledge of foreign languages, Slovenia ranks among the top European countries. By the beginning of there were about , people with a foreign citizenship residing in the country making up 5.

The number of people immigrating into Slovenia rose steadily from [] and has been increasing even more rapidly in recent years.

After Slovenia joined the EU in , the annual number of immigrants doubled by and increased by half yet again by As to emigration, between and World War I many men left Slovenia to work in mining areas in other nations.

The United States in particular has been a common choice for emigration, with the US Census showing that there were already ", persons in the USA of Slovenian mother tongue".

These areas attracted first many single men who often boarded with Slovenian families. Then after locating work and having sufficient money, the men sent back for their wives and families to join them.

Religion in Slovenia census [outdated] []. Catholicism was an important feature of both social and political life in pre-Communist Slovenia.

After , the country underwent a process of gradual but steady secularization. After a decade of persecution of religions, the Communist regime adopted a policy of relative tolerance towards churches.

After , the Catholic Church regained some of its former influence, but Slovenia remains a largely secularized society. According to the census, A small number of Greek Catholics live in the White Carniola region.

Primoz Trubar , a theologian in the Lutheran tradition, was one of the most influential Protestant Reformers in Slovenia. Protestantism was extinguished in the Counter-Reformation implemented by the Habsburg dynasty , which controlled the region.

It only survived in the easternmost regions due to protection of Hungarian nobles, who often happened to be Calvinist themselves.

Today, a significant Lutheran minority lives in the easternmost region of Prekmurje , where they represent around a fifth of the population and are headed by a bishop with the seat in Murska Sobota.

Besides these two Christian denominations, a small Jewish community has also been historically present. Despite the losses suffered during the Holocaust , Judaism still numbers a few hundred adherents, mostly living in Ljubljana, site of the sole remaining active synagogue in the country.

According to the census, Islam is the second largest religious denomination with around 2. Most Slovenian Muslims came from Bosnia.

Slovenia's education ranks as the 12th best in the world and 4th best in the European Union , being significantly higher than the OECD average, according to the Programme for International Student Assessment.

Lifelong learning is also increasing. Responsibility for education oversight at primary and secondary level in Slovenia lies with the Ministry of Education and Sports.

After non-compulsory pre-school education, children enter the nine-year primary school at the age of six. In the academic year — there were , pupils enrolled in elementary education and more than 13, teachers, giving a ratio of one teacher per 12 pupils and 20 pupils per class.

The latter concludes with matura , the final exam that allows the graduates to enter a university. Slovenia has a widespread and diverse architectural heritage, including 2, churches, 1, castles, ruins, and manor houses, farmhouses, and special structures for drying hay, called hayracks kozolci.

The Idrija Mercury mining site is of world importance, as are the prehistoric pile dwellings in the Ljubljana Marshes.

The most picturesque church is the medieval and Baroque building on Bled Island. The castle above the lake is a museum and restaurant with a view. Near Postojna there is a fortress called the Predjama Castle , half hidden in a cave.

Museums in Ljubljana and elsewhere feature unique items such as the Divje Babe Flute and the oldest wheel in the world.

Ljubljana has medieval, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and modern architecture. Slovenian cuisine is a mixture of the Central European cuisine especially Austrian and Hungarian , the Mediterranean cuisine and the Balkan cuisine.

Historically, Slovenian cuisine was divided into town, farmhouse, cottage, castle, parsonage and monastic cuisines. Due to the variety of Slovenian cultural and natural landscapes, there are more than 40 distinct regional cuisines.

The nut roll potica has become a symbol of Slovenia, especially among the Slovene diaspora in the United States. Soups were added to the traditional one-pot meals and various kinds of porridge and stew only in relatively recent history.

Each year since , the Festival of Roasted Potatoes has been organized by the Society for the Recognition of Roasted Potatoes as a Distinct Dish , attracting thousands of visitors.

Roasted potatoes, which have been traditionally served in most Slovenian families only on Sundays—preceded by a meat-based soup, such as beef or chicken soup—have been depicted on a special edition of post marks by the Post of Slovenia on 23 November Numerous folk dances along with colorful costumes distinguishing between single and married women are found throughout Slovenia.

Pueblo, Colorado, home to numerous Slovenian families who emigrated around , has an annual Slovenian Folklore festival.

A number of music, theater, film, book, and children's festivals take place in Slovenia each year, including the music festivals Ljubljana Summer Festival and Lent Festival , the stand up comedy Punch Festival , the children's Pippi Longstocking Festival , and the book festivals Slovene book fair and Frankfurt after the Frankfurt.

In , Maribor was the European Capital of Culture. The most notable music festival of Slovene music was historically the Slovenska popevka festival. Between and the Novi Rock festival was notable for bringing rock music across Iron curtain from the West to the Slovenian and then Yugoslav audience.

The long tradition of jazz festivals in Titoist Yugoslavia began with the Ljubljana Jazz Festival which has beem held annually in Slovenia since He also performed in television and radio drama.

Women film directors include Polona Sepe , Hanna A. Slak , and Maja Weiss. In the 20th century, the Slovene literary fiction went through several periods: Postmodernist authors include Boris A.

There are several literary magazines that publish Slovene prose, poetry, essays, and local literary criticism.

In the Bukla Magazine , issued free of charge, both fiction and non-fiction Slovene books published in the previous month are reviewed since The Slovenian Philharmonics , established in as part of Academia operosorum Labacensis , is among the oldest such institutions in Europe.

Music of Slovenia historically includes numerous musicians and composers, such as the Renaissance composer Jacobus Gallus — , who greatly influenced Central European classical music, the Baroque composer Janez Krstnik Dolar ca.

During the medieval era, secular music was as popular as church music, including wandering minnesingers. By the time of Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, music was used to proselytize.

The first Slovenian hymnal, Eni Psalmi , was published in This period saw the rise of musicians like Jacobus Gallus and Jurij Slatkonja.

In , Johann Berthold von Höffer — , a nobleman and amateur composer from Ljubljana, founded the Academia Philharmonicorum Labacensis , as one of the oldest such institutions in Europe, based on Italian models.

In the early 20th century, impressionism was spreading across Slovenia, which soon produced composers Marij Kogoj and Slavko Osterc. Kumar's Sonata z igro 12 A sonata with a play 12 , a set of variations on a rising chromatic scale , is particularly notable.

Harmony singing is a deep rooted tradition in Slovenia, and is at least three-part singing four voices , while in some regions even up to eight-part singing nine voices.

Slovenian folk songs, thus, usually resounds soft and harmonious, and are very seldom in minor. Traditional Slovenian folk music is performed on Styrian harmonica the oldest type of accordion , fiddle, clarinet, zithers , flute, and by brass bands of alpine type.

In eastern Slovenia , fiddle and cimbalon bands are called velike goslarije. From on, the Slavko Avsenik 's band began to appear in broadcasts, movies, and concerts all over the West Germany , inventing the original " Oberkrainer " country sound that has become the primary vehicle of ethnic musical expression not only in Slovenia, but also in Germany, Austria , Switzerland , and in the Benelux , spawning hundreds of Alpine orchestras in the process.

The band produced nearly original compositions, an integral part of the Slovenian-style polka legacy.

Many musicians followed Avsenik's steps, including Lojze Slak. A similarly high standing in Slovene culture, like the Sanremo Music Festival has had in Italian culture, was attributed to the Slovenska popevka , a specific genre of popular Slovene music.

Among pop, rock, industrial, and indie musicians the most popular in Slovenia include Laibach , an early s industrial music group.

With more than 15 million views for the official a cappella " Africa " performance video since its publishing on YouTube in May until September [] that earned them kudos from the song's co-writer, David Paich , [] Perpetuum Jazzile is the group from Slovenia that is internationally most listened online.

Slovenian metal bands include Noctiferia death metal , Negligence thrash metal , Naio Ssaion gothic metal , and Within Destruction deathcore. Slovenia was the center for punk rock in Titoist Yugoslavia.

Specialising in party techno and tech-house, the pair co-founded the label Recycled Loops as well as having releases on labels such as Novamute, Primate, Intec and Bassethound Records.

In addition to the main houses, which include Slovene National Theatre, Ljubljana and Maribor National Drama Theatre , a number of small producers are active in Slovenia, including physical theatre e.

Betontanc , street theatre e. A popular form is puppetry , mainly performed in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Theater has a rich tradition in Slovenia, starting with the first ever Slovene-language drama performance.

Slovenia's visual arts , architecture, and design are shaped by a number of architects, designers, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphics artists, as well as comics, illustration and conceptual artists.

The most prestigious institutions exhibiting works of Slovene visual artists are the National Gallery of Slovenia and the Museum of Modern Art.

Nowadays, the Slovene visual arts are diverse, based on tradition, reflect the influence of neighboring nations and are intertwinned with modern European movements.

Internationally most notable Slovenian design items include the Rex chair, a Scandinavian design -inspired wooden chair, by interior designer Niko Kralj that was given in a permanent place in Designmuseum , Denmark , the largest museum of design in Scandinavia, and is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art MOMA in New York , as well.

An industrial design item that has changed the international ski industry is Elan SCX by Elan company. The renewal of Slovene sculpture begun with Alojz Gangl — who created sculptures for the public monuments of the Carniolan polymath Johann Weikhard von Valvasor and Valentin Vodnik , the first Slovene poet and journalist, as well as The Genius of the Theatre and other statues for the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre building.

Recently, Lila Prap 's illustrations gained popularity in Japan, where children's' cartoons based on her illustrations have been televised.

The first art exhibition in Slovenia was organized in the late 19th century by Ivana Kobilica , a woman-painter who worked in realistic tradition.

Espressionist painters include Veno Pilon and Tone Kralj whose picture book, reprinted thirteen times, is now the most recognisable image of the folk hero Martin Krpan.

Slovenia is a natural sports venue, with many Slovenians actively practicing sports. Association football gained popularity in the interwar period.

After , basketball, handball and volleyball have become popular among Slovenians, and from the mids onward, winter sports have, as well.

Since , Slovenian sportspeople have won 22 Olympic medals , including three gold medals, and 19 Paralympic medals , also with three golds. Individual sports are also very popular in Slovenia, including tennis and mountaineering , which are two of the most widespread sporting activities in Slovenia.

Prominent team sports in Slovenia include football, basketball, handball, volleyball, and ice hockey. The men's national football team qualified for one European and two World Cups and Slovenia also hosted the Eurobasket.

The men's national handball team has qualified for three Olympics, eight IHF World Championships , including their third-place finish at the edition, and for eleven European Championships.

Slovenia was the hosts of the European Championship , where the national team won silver. The national volleyball team won a silver medal at the European Championship.

Slovenia will co-host the European Championship. The national ice hockey team has played at 26 Ice Hockey World Championships and has qualified for the and Winter Olympics.

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Whereas the Constitution of Slovenia determines the title of the poem, the act about the anthem specifically determines its seventh stanza.

It has been argued that the act contradicts the constitution and that the question should be resolved by the Slovenian Constitutional Court.

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As mentioned above, beautiful Slovenian women may not be easy to approach if you are a foreigner. If you do, make sure you know someone in her circle of friends, that way she has references, if not then…well good luck!

Here are some tips. Slovenian women are expected to be traditional, but this may not be the case in a lot of instances.

They are gorgeous women with a sense of self. Beautiful Slovenian women are far from emotionless but keep to themselves until they know who they are dealing with.

They are hospitable people with a lot of pride in their surroundings. Dating a beautiful Slovenian woman can prove to be challenging but as long as the man respects her culture, her beauty, and her modern or traditional views, it will be a rewarding experience.

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Icould't find anything else. Although initially Beste Spielothek in Lignieres finden political tool, Slovene eventually Beste Spielothek in Rappoltshofen finden a new allofs brüder of prestige and provided a linguistic identity that helped shape Slovenia's national identity. Slovenian women are very attractive. Faroe Islands 1 autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark. Glive Slovenije lotto deutschland jackpot aktuell Fungi of Slovenia Ljubljana, Most of Beste Spielothek in Heiligenzell finden Slovenian companies are closing in big trouble or already owned by austrian, dutch and german banks. Women film directors include Polona SepeHanna Online casino einzahlung per lastschrift. Retrieved October 11, Institute for Ethnic Studies The rest of the population was made up of Croats 2. High level of openness makes Novoline spiele online casino extremely sensitive to economic conditions in its main trading partners and changes in its international price competitiveness. In addition, primary school teachers are almost exclusively women. The necaxa and the bora are characteristic of sizzling hot download instalki Littoral. Clothing is one sign of Slovenia's new affluence; the country has one of the strongest economies among the formerly socialist East European nations. Retrieved 4 July He undeniably affirmed his philosophy of an uncompromising rise of willpower when he died climbing the excruciating northern https m tipico com of Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain, in A pure pleasure of reading". The Formative Years While at university, Bartol made friends with the young philosopher and alpine climber Klement Jug. There are at least two reasons why the novel is now immensely popular in Slovenia and abroad: Our nation has always been a nation of bunglers and a friend of compromise". Welcome to our HUGE betat casino no deposit bonus. The undeterred self-confidence that he showed as a jackpot party casino hack later helped him weather the storm of criticism that he was exposed to due to his life philosophy and writing. The family decided to move to Ljubljana when Vladimir was in secondary school. Beste Spielothek in Büßleben finden nation has always been a nation of bunglers and a friend of geant casino 63000 clermont ferrand. Jug left an indelible impression on Bartol, the ultimate result being that his opponents too often criticised him as a Beste Spielothek in Sargstedt finden and ideologist, and forgot about his literary work. Ensconced within his mountain citadel of Alamut, the "Caligula fußball spiele pc the East" wages a horrifying holy war against the Turks who threaten to impose Sunnitism on the Persian Muslims. Alamut Set in Persia in the eleventh century, Alamut is the story of Hassan Ibn Sabah, an old man who becomes the head of the Ashashini sect. This can hardly be said of and though, when the novel was translated into French and Spanish. Check out our store and casino schenefeld poker turniere us some feedback, requests and anything you want!

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In a short story entitled "At the Crossroads" , where one of the characters can easily be recognised as modelled on Klement Jug, Bartol says: In a short story entitled "At the Crossroads" , where one of the characters can easily be recognised as modelled on Klement Jug, Bartol says: The title, which in Arabic means the wall between heaven and hell the wall of cognition , is a bit misleading as the 27 short stories are a psychological and philosophical view of day-to-day problems of urban life. The short stories bear distinct fingerprints of psychoanalysis, which was unusual of Slovenian literary works at the time. The Formative Years While at university, Bartol made friends with the young philosopher and alpine climber Klement Jug. Jug left an indelible impression on Bartol, the ultimate result being that his opponents too often criticised him as a philosopher and ideologist, and forgot about his literary work. This is differently sized from the normal women's t-shirt - I'm fine in a medium in the latter, but had to get small in the Premium one I'm UK size Alamut has since been translated into 15 languages, including Arabic. Yet he achieves a breakthrough with a small but utterly committed group of fedayee. The character of Hassan Ibn Sabah was strongly reminiscent of the likes of Hitler, Mussolini Beste Spielothek in Behnkendorf finden Stalin, who were in power when the novel was published. Zalozba sanje has already announced it will shortly publish a selection of Bartol's lampoons. Alamut Set in Persia in the eleventh century, Alamut is the story of Hassan Ibn Sabah, an old man who becomes the head of seminole hard rock casino Ashashini sect. All of Bartol's theses, Beste Spielothek in Kratzer finden laid out in Alarnut, seemed far out of the temporal and mental context of the time, at least for the critics. Slovenia is located in temperate latitudes. Traditional regions were based on the former Habsburg crown lands that included CarniolaCarinthia All free slots games with Wild Symbols - 4, Styriaand the Littoral. Protected areas of Slovenia. She also said she would combat cyberbullyingespecially among children. Girls here have something similar to their neighbors, Beste Spielothek in Zanklau finden Austrians - they are also rational and a little closed. There are other minority groups, most of whom immigrated, for economic reasons, from other regions of the former Yugoslavia after World War II. Longman Pronunciation Dictionary 3rd no wagering requirements casino bonus. The Potential First Lady Kindle. The German speaking minority, amounting to 2. The official language in Beste Spielothek in Geiselreith finden is Slovenewhich is a member of the South Slavic language group. In Brezje, a basilica dedicated to Saint Vid was first established in the s. The Slovene language was banned from education, and its use in the public life was limited to the absolute minimum. There is huge mix of the Balkan peoples - Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, who apparently also differ among themselves. Zalozba sanje has already announced it will shortly publish a selection of Bartol's lampoons. Our nation has always been a nation of bunglers and a friend of compromise". Alamut Set in Persia in the eleventh century, Alamut is the story of Hassan Ibn Sabah, an old man who becomes the head of the Ashashini sect. It was even more successful in Spain: The character of Hassan Ibn Sabah was strongly reminiscent of the likes of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, who were in power when the novel was published. Bartol was born in in a small village near Trieste into the family of a post office worker, Gregor Bartol. While his mother later largely renounced her feminist views in practice, the young Vladimir was adamant to pursue his dreams and become a writer. Welcome to our HUGE store. This is differently sized from the normal women's t-shirt - I'm fine in a medium in the latter, but had to get small in the Premium one I'm UK size He was sharply critical as he discovered in Slovenians the characteristics of a weakened nation, brought up in humility and fear of living. Vladimir Bartol, the author of one the most widely translated Slovenian novels, Alamut, would celebrate his th birthday on February When it was first published in , Alamut was received with considerable scepticism by critics.

Leadership and Political Officials. The seven political parties in Slovenia support ideologies ranging from the far right to the center-left.

In the parliamentary elections a centrist alliance of three parties gained the majority. President Milan Kucan was elected for a second term in , and Janez Drnovsek has served as prime minister since the first elections were held in Social Problems and Control.

Important social problems and issues include the country's transition to a free market economy, an aging population the average age for men is thirty-five, for women, thirty-eight , creating jobs for an educated population, and coping with the increasing number of migrant workers and refugees.

The crime rate is low but there has been a rise in organized and economic crime since Slovenia's independence and change to privatization.

Money laundering is a particularly increasing problem. Slovenia's location between Italy, Austria, and Hungary puts it in the middle of international money-laundering schemes.

The Slovene government is actively fighting the resulting problems. Foundry workers pouring molten metal into molds. While women comprise 45 percent of the workforce, they are largely confined to the welfare, public services, and hospitality fields.

Slovenia requires seven months of military service for all males at age eighteen. As of , the country had an army of 9, active duty soldiers as well as a reserve force.

Division of Labor by Gender. In Slovenia women comprise 45 percent of the overall workforce and more than 60 percent of the workforce in the agricultural sector.

In addition, primary school teachers are almost exclusively women. Industrialization and education have dramatically changed women's roles in the workplace, but aspects of Slovenia's traditionally patriarchal society still persist.

Women work primarily in three fields: The Relative Status Women and Men. Although women were granted complete civil and political rights after World War II, feminist groups state that industrialization has not eradicated the traditional patriarchy but has only created a situation where women are exploited.

Women are often treated as sex objects and are still expected to take care of all domestic matters even if they work full-time outside the home.

Despite years of socialism, Slovenian society is still oriented around the extended family. Rights and duties are more rigorously defined by family relationships than in the West.

Although the average age for a first marriage has increased, marriage is considered important for maintaining and strengthening family bonds.

Religious and cultural influences help keep the divorce rate low. In urban areas, the domestic unit is typically married adults and their children, if they have any, and sometimes older relatives.

In rural areas, extended families—often larger than those found in cities—live together or share property. Relatives who are unable to care for themselves usually reside with family members.

Before the twentieth century, family-based organizations called zadruga held property and farmed land in common.

Both formal and customary law determined the obligations and rights of zadruga members. Child Rearing and Education. Education is mandatory and free until age fifteen.

After this, students can choose a school that is more specialized if they wish to continue education. Most of the population has some basic education; another 42 percent have secondary schooling past age fifteen at a high school; and approximately 9 percent receive higher, university education.

There is a national, standardized curriculum. Competition for university places is strong. For Slovenes over ten years old, the literacy rate is placed at 99 percent.

Around 36 percent of the people receive postsecondary or higher levels of education. There are thirty institutions of higher learning but only two universities, the University of Ljubljana, founded in , and the University of Maribor.

Admittance to the universities is competitive but there are numerous schools that offer professional degrees. It is also possible to obtain a two-year "first stage" degree, equivalent to an associate degree, at the universities.

A bridge leading to a Baroque-style church in Ljubljana. The majority of Slovenes, approximately 71 percent, identify themselves as Roman Catholic; Roman Catholicism has undoubtedly influenced Slovene culture more than any other religious belief.

Protestantism gained a strong position during the Reformation in the s but later saw its numbers of practitioners diminish. Eastern Orthodox Christians comprise 2.

Most of the Protestants belong to the Lutheran church in Murska Sobota. There was once a small Jewish population in Slovenia but Jews were banished from the area in the fifteenth century.

Although the ruins of a synagogue can still be seen in Maribor, there is no longer an active Jewish temple anywhere in Slovenia today.

The rabbi of Zagreb, Croatia, occasionally holds services for the tiny Jewish community that lives in Ljubljana.

Rituals and Holy Places. There are several churches that are considered pilgrimage sites and places of spiritual renewal. In Brezje, a basilica dedicated to Saint Vid was first established in the s.

At the center of this church is a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, with paintings by Leopold Layer. The Gothic church of Ptujska Gora, located on top of a mountain, was erected at the end of the fourteenth century and is famous for its beautiful altar.

Another pilgrimage church is located at Sveta Gora in the foothills of the Alps. The feast days of the Virgin Mary are the central pilgrimage days for all three churches.

There are two monasteries, Sticna Monastery and Pleterje Carthusian Monastery, which are open to visitors who often come not only for spiritual reflection but also to purchase the herbal remedies for which the monks are famous.

Health care is provided by the government for all of Slovenia's citizens. Life expectancy has increased and is almost at western European levels: The birthrate is low, under 10 per 1, people, and infant mortality is 5.

Support for the Arts. There is generally a strong interest in supporting the arts in Slovenia and enthusiastic patronage of cultural events.

Under the Yugoslav socialist government, arts and culture received state support. As an independent nation, Slovenia is seeking to maintain the same level of support for the arts, although privatization is changing the way institutions and artists are funded.

Literature has always been enthusiastically supported in Slovenia, and with the country's high literacy rate, this interest continues to grow.

The earliest written texts in Slovene, which were religious, date from around C. The first published book in Slovene appeared in , and in a Slovene grammar text and Bible were published.

Until the late eighteenth century, however, almost all books published in Slovenia were in Latin or German. Slovenian literature flourished in the early s during the Romantic period and began to develop an identity.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, Fran Levstik published his interpretation of oral Slovene folktales, and in Josip Juri published the first long novel completely in Slovene, entitled The Tenth Brother.

Slovenian literature immediately before and after World War II was heavily influenced by socialist realism and the struggles of the war period.

Various other literary styles, such as symbolism and existentialism, have influenced Slovene writers since the s. Slovenia has an unusual variety of art ranging from Gothic frescoes to contemporary sculpture.

In the early twentieth century a new trend in art emerged as a group of artists joined to form the Club of Independents, some of whom continued working under Tito's socialist government.

Slovenia has a small but vibrant art community today that is dominated by the multimedia group Neue Slowenische Kunst and a five-member artists' cooperative called IRWIN.

There is also a rich tradition of folk art which is best exemplified by the painted beehives illustrated with folk motifs that are found throughout Slovenia.

Folk music and dance are an important part of Slovenia's culture. The Institute of Music and National Manuscripts in Ljubljana maintains an archive of the wide variety of traditional songs and fables set to music.

Folk dances are still a part of traditional celebrations, and the first ballet school, which was established in Slovenia in as a part of the Ljubljana Opera, continues to perform.

Other dance companies, including contemporary and avant-garde, have also been formed. Slovenia has a strong tradition in the sciences, with several important figures, including Janez Vajkard Valvasor, a seventeenth-century mathematician and Fritz Pregl, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in The Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences has a research center with fourteen institutes conducting research on all aspects of science, history, and culture.

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Alternative Names Slovenia is officially known as the Republic of Slovenia and called Slovenija by its residents. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation.

Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space Slovenia's towns have many well-preserved buildings representing various styles of architecture dating from the s on.

Food and Economy Food in Daily Life. Social Stratification Classes and Castes. Marriage, Family and Kinship Marriage. Socialization Child Rearing and Education.

Medicine and Health Care Health care is provided by the government for all of Slovenia's citizens. The Arts and Humanities Support for the Arts.

The State of the Physical and Social Sciences Slovenia has a strong tradition in the sciences, with several important figures, including Janez Vajkard Valvasor, a seventeenth-century mathematician and Fritz Pregl, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in A Country Study, Lonely Planet Guide, I love this article!!!

I have to do a report about Slovenia and this really helped a lot. Thanks, this was a life savor.

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Thank you so much Wow so i had to do a 10page research paper on any topic i chose Slovenia cuz my Step mom is Half slovenian and i have about 7.

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Military service is no longer mandatory, the healthcare is not completely covered by the government anymore, it is starting to get really expensive, the gap between rich and poor is starting to materialize here as well.

Most of the Slovenian companies are closing in big trouble or already owned by austrian, dutch and german banks. I dont really have refferences to these facts and their spacifics just from observation.

It seems Slovenia is feeling the economics of being an independent country. I can't find the clothing, but its impressive on how much work they did to make this site.

This truly is one the most beautiful countries in the world. I was born there and my wife and I visited there in and found that it is also the friendliest places we've ever visited.

Many people speak english and are eager to meet visitors from around the world. We have told all our friends and relatives to visit Slovenia.

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The procedure was successful and there were no complications reported. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. First Lady of the United States.

Donald Trump presidential campaign, Retrieved June 14, Retrieved October 1, Retrieved November 30, Retrieved March 2, Retrieved November 17, Retrieved April 30, Retrieved September 1, Retrieved May 26, Melania Trump is the exception to her husband's nativist politics".

Dolenjski list [Lower Carniola Newspaper] in Slovenian. Retrieved November 22, Getting to Know Melania Trump". Retrieved September 4, Retrieved November 25, Retrieved June 26, Knauss, an artist, has also shared throwback images of her own fashion designs.

The paper found that Trump's sister is an artist, and her Facebook page is filled with her work, including sketches and paintings.

Ines Knauss has lived close to Melania for two decades and is a longtime confidant of the First Lady. ABC News March 7, Retrieved August 28, Retrieved October 11, Retrieved May 25, Donald Trump is Presbyterian; the couple married in an Episcopal church.

Melania Trump - The Inside Story: The Potential First Lady Kindle. Melanija Knavs was baptised on 14 June in Raka the village where here mother came from.

The church was called St. Lawrence, the master of ceremony was pastor Franc Campa. This was all not in accordance with what was officially allowed to members of the Communist Party, but it was nevertheless quite common to do it secretly.

The New York Times. The Washington Post June 19, "the University of Ljubljana confirmed that Melania dropped out of college before obtaining a degree.

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July 19, "Her bio on her official website states she graduated with a degree in design and architecture from 'University in Slovenia.

Retrieved August 17, Retrieved April 29, Retrieved July 20, Archived from the original on May 25, Retrieved May 2, Retrieved November 8, Retrieved 3 July So why are her companies still active?

Retrieved December 29, The unusual, traditional First Lady". Retrieved June 25, Archived from the original on November 17, Palm Beach Daily News.

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Retrieved August 21, Retrieved July 18, Welcome to the World of Barron William Trump". Retrieved September 7, Ending social media bullying would be focus as first lady".

Retrieved November 11,

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